Health: Our Golden Treasure

In Health, Healing & Wholeness, Mary Chase-Ziolek (2005) says that "ministries of health are the components of church life that promote the health, healing and wholeness of individuals, families, congregations, and communities" (p. 7).

Multiple parish ministries contribute to the health of parishioners. Health ministry is the specific component of the Church whose activities re intended to promote the health of all parishioners. Some health ministries are parish nursing programs. Some health ministries involve a variety of volunteer health professionals. Some welcome all who are called to serve.

All embrace health, healing, and wholeness to enhance their relationship with God.

Mission Statement
The ministry of health and healing is central to the life of the church. Like Jesus, who was devoted to healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual brokenness of His people, we at St. Mary's Parish Health Ministry will address these needs among our parishioners. We hope to assist in restoring a sense of wholeness and healing to those in need.

We respect the wholeness of all persons with their spiritual, mental and physical manifestations, given and nurtured by our loving God.

We embrace the Gospel tradition of serving the sick and Marginalized and promoting the fullness of life, health, and healing.

We respond to our Baptismal call to be present to persons who are ill in spirit, mind and body, wherever they may be.

We serve the health ministry mission in full compliance with Diocesan and parish expectations and applicable laws, regulations, and health care standards of practice.

We cooperate with available health care providers and community agencies to offer coordinated services of the highest quality.